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Let us understand this in the shoes of an entrepreneur or an individual inventor, let us call him Bunty.

Bunty come up with something Innovative. He knows it is going to change the world or has a potential to earn millions. But the problem is that Bunty is afraid that people might copy the invention and might eat a major share of the market. So Bunty does a bit of research and realizes, filing a patent is the best way to go ahead. Now Bunty has the question in his mind, “how do I get a Patent Application Number?”

Bunty now has two options: (a) use the help of a professional or (b) Do it yourself.
He goes ahead, talks to a few attorneys/law firms/IP firms and gets the shock of his life! He had no idea that it would be so expensive!

So without any other option left, he decides to do it by himself. He has no idea how to draft a patent. He tries to find any sort of training materials, videos, etc. Very soon, he gives up, it is boring, too complicated and no one has simplified the process. He also realizes even though he could do it on his own, it’s too risky. The value of a vaguely drafted patent is almost negligible. Even a patent with errors would actually prove to be costly for him and he wouldn’t be able to enforce his rights against any infringers.
Bunty is now confused what to do!

Voila! Bunty comes across Bots4IP, offering IP assistant tools to help you throughout the IP Life cycle. He uses ProvGen, a simple yet fun application which drafts a solid Provisional Patent application for him. All he had to do was to answer few simple questions. Now he has a provisional application ready in his hand. Bunty then proceeds to file the same with the Patent office and pays the prescribed fees. He gets the Patent Application Number.
But this is not enough. He still needs to file the Complete specification within 12 months. More about Bunty in the next post.

For now, Bunty is happy and all smiles!

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