Fast-track your IP processes with AI powered Bots

Your very own army of AI powered bots that will take care of all low and medium cognitive IP tasks for you!
Getting your tasks done the smart way!
Designed by our talented but lazy engineers and IP experts so that they can sip on their iced teas while the bots do their work!
Before Bots4ip

You are frustrated because

its the same old boring repetitive tasks

lengthy unending tasks consumes a lot of time

Patent application review tool Patent application review tool
After Bots4ip

You are happy because

bots are taking care of your repetitive tasks

bots can complete your time consuming tasks quickly


Your assistant to help you draft your Patent. Smart and has got a sharp eye to catch even minute errors! You could say insPAT performs an autopsy of your Patent applications!


Have an idea? Dont spend too much time and money getting your Application somewhere else. Just answer a few questions and ProGen will draft your Provisional Patent application for you!


Do you want to solve a problem? Use BoTRIZ to apply inventive problem solving fundamentals of TRIZ and magically solve it!


You have an idea and you want to know if some one has already worked on it?

Get the results with just a click!

Many  many more Coming Soon…

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The Market Place for RPA solutions to help you with your IP related Tasks.

Plug N Play

Think of our bots as your virtual IP assistant. Scale on demand and increase business agility without changing any part of your existing business processes.

Easy Interface

Our bots and intuitive, simple to ease and most importantly will take upon your burden and make your life simple.

Cost Savings

Immediate and significant reduction in expenditure. Complete your tasks faster, round-the-clock at a much lower rate. Spend less, gain more! Dream come true?

Maximize Accuracy

They say ‘To err is human’ but we say ‘To not err is machine’. Our bots guarantee accurate execution, every time!

“Machines were devised not to do a man out of a job, but to take the heavy labor from man’s back and place it on the broad back of the machine.”

– Henry Ford

Imagine Your Day
Simplified With Bots4IP

Using Patent application review tool to complete your repetitive and time consuming tasks and relieve you of the stress.

Simple, unique and powerful tools to manage your Intellectual Property tasks, brought to you by a company who understands your pain points and dreams to to transform the way the industry works!

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By far the best tool I've ever seen. insPAT is truly a time and cost saving tool. The options to draft your Patent and claim errors while drafting are great features. I enjoy using insPAT, you simply just won't find any better tool than this.

IP Counsel, Software Company

ProvGen is an efficacious tool with its user friendly interface coupled with an array of features which facilitate the qualitative as well as quantitative Management of IP. Further, the prompt service and support by the team of Bots4ip is commendable.

Manager - IPRD

I'm wondering why I have never tried to use these tools earlier! Seriously, these tools are commendable and the best part is I got my first tool insPAT free of cost. Thanks Bots4ip!

Co founder, Coffee Inc

How does it work?

It works the way people do, imagine our Bots as an additional member of your IP Team,

Any worker employed has a lot of repetitive, routine tasks that are dreary, uninteresting and time consuming. Our AI and Robotic Process Automation solutions a.k.a. the Bots mimic the activity of a human being and do your repetitive tasks more quickly, accurately, and tirelessly, freeing you to do other important tasks requiring human strengths such as inventing mind blowing things or saving the world.

Your data is 100% safe!

Your data is 100% safe! Bots4IP is web-based and no plugins or software are needed. We do not store your IP on our servers nor anywhere else. Rest assured, we take data confidentiality very seriously.
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