Inventive Problem Solving, TRIZ Contradiction Matrix

What is boTRIZ?

Inventive problem solving software tool

Uses TRIZ contradiction matrix to suggest possible solutions for problems

Increase your creative productivity

Become an ‘Out-of-the-box’ thinker!

How it works?

Step1: Break down a problem first into contradictions (E.g. “IF I increase the area of the aeroplane wings, THEN it gives better stability BUT it increases the weight”)

Step2: Identify Improving and Worsening Feature (E.g. Improving feature : Stability :: Worsening feature : Weight)

Step3: Feed it into boTRIZ tool

Step 4: boTRIZ suggests possible solutions!

Why boTRIZ?

You don’t just sit around cribbing about problems. You like to solve them, right?

But how you ask? Using TRIZ and the magical contradiction matrix of Altshuller!

The methodology is used by many Fortune500 companies and even NASA.

TRIZ breaks Psychological Inertia, the main Innovation Killer.

Increases the speed of system development and you could become truly innovative!

How boTRIZ helps you?

✔ Brainstorm to find solutions to problems and opportunities for improvement.

✔ Improve your creativity by accelerating your thinking overcoming the psychological inertia.

✔ Find ideal solutions that are desired for problem

✔ Improve products and services – not just engineering, others to!

✔ Increase in creative productivity

Who should use boTRIZ?

R&D teams


Individual Inventors

Technology Enthusiasts



Your personal assistant that helps you in inventive problem solving.

Do you want to solve a problem? Break your psychological inertia & use BoTRIZ to apply concepts of inventive problem-solving fundamentals of TRIZ to become truly innovative!

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