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What is ProvGen?

Smart provisional application drafting software

Uses advanced algorithms to auto-populate the complex legal jargons for your invention.

Easy and Intuitive: Suggestions and simple examples all along the way. Just answer the questions in simple English.

Automatic save function, since we know you need time to think.

How it works?

STEP 1: Follow the intuitive steps, fill in the details.

STEP 2: Remember, think as much as you can. Be as creative as you can get while answering. Use the sample examples and hints all along the way to help you.

STEP 3: Answer in simple English using the provided sentence structure

STEP 4: Review all the answer in the end to check for obvious mistakes.

STEP 5: Voila! Your Provisional patent application is ready for download!

Why is filing a Provisional patent Application important?

✔ It is like making a reservation: Not only the first step toward towards getting a patent, but also prevent someone else from filing for a patent on your invention.

✔ Be ‘First to file’ and establish priority for your invention. File as soon as you can after you have a patentable invention.

✔ Get additional 12 months’ time to work towards perfecting the invention before filing Complete Specification.

✔ You can say you have a patent pending.

Why ProvGen?

Protect your innovative ideas by filing a provisional patent application. Provgen is going to make this a cake walk for you!

Save considerable amount of Cost (atleast 5x affordable) and time

Suitable for almost all jurisdictions

Intuitive and Easy to Use with hints and examples all along the way.

Automatic save function, since we know you need time to think.

Language Supported: English

Who should use ProvGen?

Individual Inventors

In-house IP Teams

R&D Teams



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Your virtual IP assistant to help you draft your Provisional Patent Application.

Have an idea? Don’t spend too much time and money getting your Application somewhere else. Just answer a few questions and ProvGen will draft your Provisional Patent application for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Patent?

A Patent is a statutory right for an invention granted for a limited period of time to the patentee by the Government, in exchange of full disclosure of his invention for excluding others, from making, using, selling, importing the patented product or process for producing that product for those purposes without his consent.

When is the filing date of a patent application?

The filing date of a patent application shall be the date of receipt by the Office of at least the following elements: (a) An express or implicit indication that a local patent is sought; (b) Information identifying the applicant; and (c) Description of the invention and one (1) or more claims in English or other supported languages. If any of these elements is not submitted within the period set by the regulations, the application shall be considered withdrawn.

What is a provisional Patent Application?

A provisional application allows an applicant to reserve the subject matter and secure an earlier filing date while avoiding the high costs of filing and prosecution of a non-provisional patent application. It is some what like a mini patent application but it doesn’t grant you any rights. The focus is on describing the invention as completely as possible, and many formalistic requirements of a non-provisional patent application are not applicable. You can file without a formal patent claims, oath or declaration. It also allows you to use the coveted term “Patent Pending” for your invention.
A provisional patent application has a validity of 12 months only from the date of the filing of the provisional application.

What are the benefits of filing a Provisional Patent Application?

A provisional patent application provides you a one-year extension for filing a non-provisional patent application while at the same time protecting your idea. You have an additional year to experiment, perfect your invention, determine sales potential, explore licensing opportunities & many more. Once you have the design and function ready, you can apply for the non-provisional patent. As a provisional patent application is not examined, you can determine commercial viability of your invention without incurring prosecution costs (e.g. attorney’s fees, office action response charges) during this one-year period.

What is a Non-Provisional Patent Application?

If a provisional patent application is simple, informal and quick to file then a non-provisional patent is the opposite: long, complicated and difficult to file. The non-provisional application form is very long. It contains many parts and the parts have many rules. It is exhaustive and covers all the details of your invention.
Unlike a provisional patent application, a non-provisional patent can issue into an enforceable claims. It is based on this non-provisional application your patent would be granted.

What is the difference between Provisional Patent Application and non-provisional application?

A provisional patent application is meant to help protect your idea and give you time to perfect it. Once you have the design and function ready, you can apply for the non-provisional patent. A provisional patent application will never itself mature into an issued patent. You have to file a complete or non-provisional application. Non-provisional (regular) patent applications are usually longer and more formal than Provisional Patent Applications. They generally include more extensive claim language. Further, whatever you’re disclosing in the Non provisional application is much more extensive, because the inventor has usually invested additional time into developing their invention during that 12-month window.

What if I change my invention after filing a Provisional Patent Application? Can it be altered or edited?

No. While a Provisional Patent Application may be re-filed at a later date, it cannot be changed after it is filed with a Patent Office. If you have made significant changes to the invention, then we recommend you to re-file the Provisional Patent Application adding any new aspects that were not included in the original application.

How do I know that my idea is secure with Bots4IP?

We take utmost care in handling your data and ensuring that your confidentiality is safeguarded. Ownership of your idea lies with you and Bots4IP shall not lay any claim to the same. We also don’t save your patent application on our systems. We just process it to extract the result. You can be confident that your information is 100% secure.