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What is ProvGen?

Smart provisional application drafting software in compliance with the legal requirements.

Uses advanced AI & Deep Learning algorithms to auto-populate the complex legal jargons for your invention.

Easy and Intuitive: Suggestions and simple examples all along the way. Just answer the questions in simple English.

Automatic save function, since we know you need time to think.

Why is Provisional patent Application important?

It is like making a reservation: Not only the first step toward towards getting a patent, but also prevent someone else from filing for a patent on your invention.

Be ‘First to file’ and establish priority for your invention. File as soon as you can after you have a patentable invention.

Get additional 12 months’ time to work towards perfecting the invention before filing Complete Specification.

You can say you have a patent pending.

What is in it for you?

  • Protect your innovative ideas as soon as you can before someone else protects it. The first step to it is the filing of provisional patent application. Provgen is going to make this a cake walk for you!
  • Easy, intuitive and fun filled, with hints and examples all along the way.
  • Automatic save function, since we know you need time to think.
  • Save considerable amount of Cost and time.
  • Suitable across almost all jurisdictions.

Save considerable amount of Cost and time

Suitable across almost all jurisdictions.

Fun filled, entertaining and easy to use.

How it works?

Step 1: Follow the intuitive steps, fill in the details.

Step 2: Follow the gamified process  till the end

Step 3: Remember, think as much as you can. Be as creative as you can get while answering. Use the simple examples and hints all along the way to help you.

Step 4: Answer in simple English, our AI engine will convert it into the complex legal jargons and……

Voila! Your Provisional patent application is ready!

By far the best tool I've ever seen. insPAT is truly a time and cost saving tool. The options to draft your Patent and claim errors while drafting are great features. I enjoy using insPAT, you simply just won't find any better tool than this.

IP Counsel, Software Company

ProvGen is an efficacious tool with its user friendly interface coupled with an array of features which facilitate the qualitative as well as quantitative Management of IP. Further, the prompt service and support by the team of Bots4ip is commendable.

Manager - IPRD

Provegen is a best provisional application drafting software which is cost efficient and Time saving software

IP Analyst , Software Company

Draft your a patent law compliant and ready to file provisional application yourself using ProvGen today.

Even though this is a DIY system and the use of this system will not create any attorney-client representation relationship, we highly value your confidentiality. All your data is kept confidential.  To specifically put any concerns to rest, kindly go through our Privacy Policy on our website at

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