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Patent error detection and Patent Proofreading and quality check Software, It’s easy to draft error free patent applications with insPAT.

Your assistant to help you draft you a good patent. He is smart and has got a sharp eye to catch even minute errors!

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What is InsPAT?

Smart patent Quality Check application.

Identifies more than 7 categories of errors.

and much more!

Compliant with International Patent regulations & best practices.

Catch critical & non-critical errors which may in future lead to oppositions, PTO rejections and invalidation

In a matter of seconds, get a comprehensive report with the issues identified!

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Why is proofreading your drafted patent crucial?

Avoid costly office actions in the future.

Increase the probability of getting your patent granted.

Mistakes in drafting the patent may result in a completely useless patent.

Typically, after you have an almost final draft of a patent application, you typically send it out for review. Of course it is time consuming and few potential issues might skip the eye of the reviewer. Well, not anymore. InsPAT is here.

What is in it for you?

  • More than 98% of the drafted patents throw errors during QC. Filter out any errors that might have gone unnoticed, in seconds.
  • More than 87% of Patent applications face Office Actions. Minimize the future risk of office actions and rejections.

Proof read your entire application in a matter of seconds.

Very light on your pocket but super strong on time saving.

Suited for multiple jurisdictions including India, US and Europe.

How it works?

Step 1: Upload your application in MS Word or PDF or .txt format. Or, just paste the relevant details!

Step 2: Check for any missing sections.

Step 3: Check the identified claim elements. You can add new claim elements if you feel it was not identified and also remove the identified Claim elements if you feel they are inaccurate. You’re teaching the AI. Shhh!

Step 4: Submit and *drumrolls*, you can check the errors in your patent, if any.

Types of errors identified:

Claim elements with missing antecedent basis.

Inconsistently numbered terms in patent specification and patent drawings.

Missing Claim element support.

Incorrect claim numbering, dependencies, syntax errors.

and much more!

This is a cool tool. It is saving most of the time I invest in checking/proofreading the patents drafted by my team. It catches most of the errors.

AnujIP Manager

Inspat is very helpful. We are using it to check the drafts submitted by our vendors. I feel that the tool checks and identifies errors with 70 – 80% accuracy, which is good.

ChristopherIn-House IP counsel

InsPAT is truly a time and cost saving tool. The options to draft your Patent and claim errors while drafting are great features and I got my first tool insPAT free of cost

StephenIP Analyst

Inspat is a best Patent Proofreading Software with high quality, robustness and it is simply the most cost efficient tool best part is i got it free of cost

AndreaIP Counsel
Even though this Patent Proofreading Software is a DIY system and the use of this system will not create any attorney-client representation relationship, we highly value your confidentiality. All your data is kept confidential.  To specifically put any concerns to rest, kindly go through our Privacy Policy on our website at

Start checking your Patent applications with insPAT today.

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