What is Bots4ip?

We at Bots4ip are providing a platform for multiple sofware applications called Bots that perform low and medium cognitive tasks across Innovation & IP Lifecycle. Our bots are intuitive, easy to ease, and most importantly makes your life simple. These bots acts your virtual IP assistants that tirelessly completes your IP tasks much faster with higher accuracy while achieving significant cost reduction. Spend less, gain more!

How does Bots4ip platform works? What are the steps to use different applications?

In a few simple steps, access our bots to quickly perform your day to day Innovation & IP related tasks. Imagine our Bots as an additional member of your team.

STEP 1 – Signup on Bots4IP using your personal or corporate email accounts
STEP 2 – Login using your credentials
STEP 3 – Add credits to your account
STEP 4 – Go to the required product page
STEP 5 – Launch Bots!

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Why you should use Bots4ip?

Bots4ip is a one stop shop to handle repetitive, mundane and mostly low or medium cognitive IP tasks. Our Bots mimic the activity of a human being to perform your IP tasks more quickly, accurately, and tirelessly. Just Imagine Your Day Simplified With Bots4IP!

  • Error-free processing
  • Blazing fast speed – minimum 5x faster than manually performing similar tasks
  • Significant cost reduction – at least 5x affordable in comparison to hiring a professional for same tasks

What are the biggest benefits of using Bots4ip applications?

With Bots4ip software applications, you can leverage modern technologies such as RPA, artificial intelligence to perform your day to day IP tasks at lower cost, faster and with more accuracy than a experienced IP professional.

How much it will cost for using applications on Bots4ip?

Some applications a.k.a. Bots can be used for free while most bots are priced between 0 to 50 credits. A Essentials pack 5 credit is currently priced at discounted cost of ₹ 800 or approx. $11. The bigger credit pack you purchase, the more discount you will get. Credits can be used across different applications on Bots4ip platform.

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How Do I Purchase Credit Bundle?

Log in to your Bots4ip Online Account.
Go to ‘Pricing’ page, you can choose from Essentials, Standard, Premium or Most-Popular credit packs.
After clicking on ‘Buy now’ button you will be taken to cart page. You can also access Shopping Cart (right corner hover on the symbol) or click on
After checking the total amount to pay, you can proceed to checkout.
Fill in the billing details and Add any additional information, if required.
Review your order summary and can make payment via. Debit / Credit card / Net Banking through Razorpay.

How Do Product Credit Work?

Each product on Bots4ip is valued between 10 to 50 credits with a minimum purchase of 5 credit = ₹ 800.
Product Credits can be purchased in bundles of 5, 20, 50 & 100.
Product Credits can be used for accessing different applications on Bots4ip on multiple occasions.

Is my data safe with Bots4IP?

We use your personal data to authenticate and authorize you to use the application and access your work within Bots4ip. We do not use your created content in any way. You alone have ownership over your content.

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Do I need to install any files on my computer to run any of the Bots4IP tools?

No. Bots4IP platform uses a cloud-based infrastructure to run applications. So all you need is an internet connection and any web based browser.

What sets us apart from other IP solution providers?

Our leadership team has 50+ yrs. of experience in Innovation & IP Management. A technical team of 20+ engineers with experience in machine learning, RPA, data science, IP data expertise & more. Our AI engine uses a dataset of more 130 million worldwide patents to create different machine learning models that helps us to deliver highly accurate results at the fraction of the cost.

Is Bots4ip platform accessible on Mobile phones, Smartphones and Tablets?

It can be accessed using the browser in a Smartphone. However, there is no mobile version of the website optimized for small display size of the phone. The website has been tested to work on iOS and Android tablets too.


What type of errors are identified using insPAT?

insPAT can check your patent documents for numerous errors and inconsistencies in the claims, specification, and figures. Some of the problems identified include antecedent basis issues, inconsistent part numbers in specification and figures, incorrect claim numbers and dependencies, missing claim terms support in the specification.

Who should be using insPAT?

It doesn’t matter who you are, an inventor or a patent attorney or even a law firm, if you have a drafted patent application, you can use insPAT to check for any errors in your application.

What type of documents can insPAT handle?

You can upload your complete drafted patent application either in MS Word format or in .txt format for now. There is an additional feature of Copy + Paste your patent application too.

How can I see the results?

Once you have completed all the steps and submitted it for review, the results are showed on the browser. You can also download the report in Pdf format.

What should I do after reviewing my application with insPAT?

insPAT generates an error-report based of your patent application. Go through this report, rectify the errors and proceed to filing your patent application.

Why is it worth using insPAT?

It is definitely definitely worth using insPAT as it is very expensive to get your patent application reviewed by an expert IP professional. Also, the cost of correcting these errors during prosecution is much higher. Not only will you be saving a lot of money, insPAT will also save you plenty of time.