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Our AI-powered bot use machine learning models (specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP) based neural networks) for patent proofreading. Our bots enabled with an AI engine in the background runs on a cloud-based platform to provide highly accurate results.

The neural networks are specifically trained on claim language extracted from more than 100 million worldwide patent data. Patent professional know that claim language data is quite different from normal English language. Thus, our machine learning models recognize & understand claim language even better & helps in achieving higher accuracy than competitors.

We are able to substantially decrease the error rates helping our customers in cost & effort saving while performing and more accurate proofreading. Using the machine learning models, we are able to improvise our training data for errors to gradually reduce repeat occurrences.

The more our customer uses our AI-powered proofreading services, the better trained will be the machine learning model and thus higher will the output result quality. We are able to continuously improve proofreading performance. Further, your data is completely 100% secured on our cloud-based platform from any third-party access risks.

In these exciting times, we are seeing AI & RPA technologies digitally transforming the processes in Intellectual Property industry and providing low cost solutions with high output quality to patent professionals.

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